From Sketch to Stunning: The Process of Creating a Graphic Design

A brilliant graphic design just does not mean designing the graphics with the use of software and presenting it to the client. Creating amazing designs involves a series of steps even before the sketching. Therefore, design creation does not start from sketching. 

Graphic design just not involves individual step but there are a certain number of steps that a graphic designer follows before the final product is created and delivered. This blog focuses on such steps as it highlights different steps involved in the graphic design process.

Process of Creating a Graphic Design

This blog is for professional graphic designers who are beginners and want to learn the process of how they should work and the steps they must follow to create the best designs for their clients.

Step 1: Design Brief

This starts with a meeting between the client and the graphic designer where he asks questions and understands the brand and based on the analysis he gets an understanding of the organization and its vision.

Step 2: Research

After a brief, the second step for a graphic designer is to conduct research where a graphic designer works on understanding the product or service the company is offering. He also develops an understanding of the target audience so that he can create better designs.

Step 3: Create wireframes

Wireframes are the third step after proper research has been done. In this step, a graphic designer brainstorms the ideas and creates a rough sketch based on the conclusion. The rough sketch created on paper is further shown to the client for his feedback. After which the actual digital work of designing starts.

Step 4: Create The Design

After the client’s feedback, the designs are created using tools and software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and CorelDRAW. Various elements are also added to the design such as typography, shapes, Colors, and images. Further, the designs also have multiple variations so that the client can choose accordingly.

Step 5: Client’s Feedback

After he creates the designs on a computer and presents them to the client., the client can ask for modifications and provide feedback. The graphic designer can further discuss it with the clients and make changes accordingly.

Step 6: Final Design Delivery

This is the final step where the graphic designer has made relevant changes and the final stunning design is ready. The designer presents the final work to the client in the format that the client asked him to.

These are some of the steps that a graphic designer must follow whether he is a beginner or a expert. If you also want to learn graphic design and enhance your skills then you can join graphic design courses in Delhi. With a diploma in graphic design in Delhi, you can develop your skills and take your creativity to the next level by creating stunning designs.